Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rocky's Pizza & Panini

Being to Louisville many times, we used to think the best place to go would be Spaghetti Factory located in downtown, which is kind of similar to Spaghetti Warehouse in Columbus. But during our last visit to Spaghetti Factory, we didn’t quite enjoy it. So to make it up to our Louisville day trip, we went back to Rocky’s Pizza across the Ohio River on Indiana side later that day. The waitress was quite cordial and nice, and she led us to the window seats where you could see most of the Louisville skyline. I enjoyed their thin crust pizza in particular, because no matter how many toppings you add, the price is the same. Our pizza was a little bit overloaded thanks to that unlimited topping! The bread with olive oil and parmesan cheese was offered, so I couldn’t finish my grilled sub. I think this place is a must-go place in Louisville.

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