Monday, July 7, 2014

Ryan’s Buffet

It was another July 4th here. Compared to previous years, it’s not quite hot this year, and it’s awesome. I know it will get humid and hot in no time this summer, so enjoying the nice summer with the decent temperature is quite precious. After taking the dogs to Jacobson Park and let them run free for an hour or so, we decided to go to Richmond for Ryan’s Buffet. I am not a big fan of buffets because it’s not healthy to overeat, but I really like Ryan’s, because they have lots of varieties of food, even for lunch. Being a meat eater, my criteria for a good buffet are simple and straightforward. As long as they have freshly made and tasty meat, I am good. Pizza Inn in Frankfort always has chicken wings and I give them an “A”, so I give Giovanni’s a “D” for not having any meat and being expensive. For Ryan’s, since they have steak, chicken wings, chili, stewed pork and so on, I give them an “A+”, with all those sweet deserts and ice cream, I should actually give them an “A++”. When it comes to steaks, Ponderosa is pretty much the same as Ryan’s, maybe slightly better, but it’s more expensive at Ponderosa. So they should have an “A”. The waitress at Ryan’s was trying to talk us into the July 4th parade in Richmond, but we decided not to go eventually. We ended up in the bowling alley next door to burn up the extra calories. It was a great day off and enjoying a few episodes of “Orange is the new black” in the couch at the end of day was nothing but joy.

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