Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cool Summer

Thanks to the polar vortex, the average temperature this year in July is lower than previous years. It’s a good thing in summer since nobody likes that humid and hot July weather here. It was actually quite chilly this morning when I took Faye to the bus stop station. The long weekend passed very fast, and once again, we went to see the capital building because it’s beautiful and symbolic. The only thing that I could not forget for a long time is that my car got hit by a careless driver. She was probably on the phone when she was backing her car from the parking spot without even looking behind. It was so fast that I couldn’t do anything to avoid it. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but it was no fun to have an accident. Now I have to drive my poor damaged car for some time before the insurance company contacts me for the damage. I was quite upset when it happened especially since I never had an accident before, but I guess I have to admit that these things are really inevitable sometimes, and it was just pure bad luck. Other than that, everything was great: local pizza at Red River Gorge, nice movies, dumplings, shopping at Whole Foods Market, etc.

2014-07-13 13.47.16

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