Monday, February 17, 2014

Animal Shelter

Eddie was adopted from an animal shelter in Frankfort last May. Since I haven’t been to a animal shelter before, Ken took me to the local humane societies on Sunday. I thought they only had dogs, but they actually have lots of other animals like cats, rabbits, hamsters and so forth. I was very surprised to see there were lots of pit bulls abandoned by their owners in both Lexington and Frankfort. I guess I didn’t know what to expect, but in my mind I was thinking all kinds of dogs there. There were not many dogs at Frankfort site, and that is a good thing since that means less dogs were homeless. It was sad to see many dogs at Lexington site, especially those pit bulls. When I came back home yesterday, I do feel a lot closer to Eddie and Jacob because it was really not easy for them.

2014-02-16 13.09.192014-02-16 14.47.51

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