Friday, October 18, 2013

Natural Bridge State Resort Park

Kentucky is a good place for camping thanks to the mountains and forest. But unfortunately, as much as I love camping, I barely had any chance to do so except for that camping on my birthday two years ago. Most of the resort parks in Kentucky are fairly close to Lexington, about 1 or 2 hours away mostly. Been to Red River Gorge twice, we haven’t been to the Natural Bridge Park because dogs are not allowed there. So on Sunday, after the brunch at a golf club, we decided to go the Natural Bridge Park spontaneously. Aside from me getting us lost on the road without listening to the GPS, it was not hard to finally get there to start breathing the fresh air. It reminded me of the mountains I visited in China on so many levels. The park is still a part of Red River Gorge, but I definitely like the Natural Bridge Park better because it’s more tourist-friendly and perfect for a one-day trip, whereas the Red River Gorge Park is more like a camping park. The top of the bridge was my favorite part, with air brushing through my face and spectacular views over the colorful forest. It’s about a mile from the parking lot to the top on one trail, and of course there are multiple trails you can choose with different sites to see. The park was initially a lumber plant, but now it became one of the best sceneries in Kentucky, if not the best.

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