Monday, October 28, 2013

Lab Moving

It’s very interesting that I have experienced the lab moving twice during my PhD study here. Technically, I also had a lab moving when I was studying for my master’s. It’s hard to imagine that all the equipment that has been sitting there for decades will eventually be moved in a week or so. Setting up the experiment is always the hardest part, because you never know what will eventually come up. In a lot of the cases, you spend 80% of the time setting up an experiment and only 20% of the time doing the experiment. That’s why not many people would be fond of lab moving. This time, we had some professional people helping us and it was way easier to get everything settled down in the new room. It still took us a week to move everything, but I have to say the difficult part has passed. Let us just hope there will be no more lab moving any more. Fingers crossed!

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