Thursday, October 10, 2013

Double Ten Day

So it’s another b-day of mine. I guess when you pass a certain number of your age, b-days are not really something you would look forward to like you were a kid. I always tried to do something memorable on my b-day, but unfortunately it seems I don’t really remember a lot of them. Ken’s mother was kind enough to give me some money as my birthday present and she told me later that she didn’t mean to give me that number since there are some numbers in Chinese that are not considered to be “good numbers”. It was very sweet that she would even think about that, plus I never thought about that until she pointed out. The thing is that wasn’t a bad number. I didn’t really plan anything today, but the CDs I ordered a couple of days ago happened to arrive today. And that was really one of those little sweet moments that you could ask for on a special day like this. Now, I have the complete collection of Christina Aguilera albums! Of course, some collaboration singles are still missing, but I am getting there, hooray!


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