Monday, October 7, 2013

Driving On A Rainy Night=Nightmare

I was planning to renew my driver license in Kentucky, but I realized that it was complicated for international students. Not only do I need to take the driver test again, I must pass the written test to get the permit first. Being busy with study and work doesn’t really allow me to take things slow like several years ago. To top it off, moving out of the old apartment to a new house really drained all my time and energy. Ken convinced me to go to Columbus to renew the driver license finally and I think that was a good idea. When it comes to driving, It doesn’t really bother me if it’s in the day or at night and that 8 hours round trip always turned out to be a nice time to relax with decent conversations. And most of the time, I drove at nights. But Sunday night wasn’t really a good time to drive with that raging storm and non-stop road construction in downtown Columbus. Leaving a little late, I thought everything would be the same, but when I got on the road, I realized it was a little difficult to see clearly with that constant rain drops on the windshield and reflections from the wet road. The lines on the road mixed with the traces of the tires made the road look like it’s changing lanes constantly. When the GPS told me to turn right at an exit, I had already passed the best time. I still decided to turn because I saw no obstacles in front of me. By the time I realized there was a curb right ahead of the car, it was already too late. The car ran over the curb and bumped on the rear end. The muffler was broken with a hole on it, and the noisy sound told me the same story. The sound reminded me of my Corolla with catalytic converter stolen in Cincy. I didn’t freak out because it wouldn’t help and it could have been worse, but I felt very bad that it could happen. On the road back to Lexington, the raging storm didn’t stop and for the first time, I started to hate driving on the rainy night. The cozy and secure feeling I always had only faded, filled with frustration and disappointment.

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