Friday, February 8, 2013

Spring Festival 2013

Chinese New Year is coming again and I absolutely feel it’s so soon. Maybe it’s because my life has been on the right track and I am doing the routine jobs daily. It’s going to be the year of snake after Feb.10th 2013. I remember It’s always the tradition in our family to watch CCTV Chinese New Year celebration and have dumplings at mid night. For our kids, playing fireworks was the best of all. I do miss those days when my grandma was still there with us. No matter how many people despise or criticize Chun Wan (the celebration program by CCTV annually), I have to say it has become a part of our modern culture. Its influence is there and there is no doubt about it. Many artists dream to be on that grand stage and perform, since the show was watched by billions of  people every year. It’s like the Super Bowl in America, but only bigger. As usual, I will be watching Chun Wan online while talking to my family. It’s been my bittersweet pleasure in the past 4 years.


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