Thursday, January 31, 2013

Western Music

So being a monitor on WesternMusic board on SJTU BBS has been fun for me and I still clearly remember the day when the board was created and I started to build it. I don’t know how long I will still continue to be the monitor, but I do hope there will be more people applying for that position so that I can sit back and do something else. Speaking of something else, I also created a WesternMusic board on Tieba and it’s now under construction. Compared to the BBS in universities, Tieba is more flexible in terms of language freedom and privacy. Since Tieba has become one of the biggest Chinese communities online, I surely would like to take the opportunity to see what I can do about it. It’s always fun to see people’s opinions on certain music topics and all kinds of feedbacks. Through these communications, you can always learn something new and get to know everything a little better. I interpret it as a fun learning process and of course something else I could do other than my research.

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