Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Lotus-Christina Aguilera

I was very excited today because I could buy "Lotus" since it’s out in store today. As much as I wanted to get it, I just couldn’t take off from school. So I waited until I was done with school and went to get Christina Aguilera’s new album "Lotus". The whole album is very consistent compared to "Stripped" when she tried a little bit of everything in one album in terms of music styles and songs, which was also a fantastic thing. This is a great album with great vocals as she always did in her previous albums. As much as I loved "Bionic", I think this time Christina did a better job with her vocal in many songs. My favorite songs include "Let there be love", "Sing for me" and "Light up the sky" where she once again showed how powerful her voice is with a tremendous vocal range. One thing that separates Christina Aguilera from other vocalists is that her voice can keep thick and rich throughout her range-very consistent. Not many vocalists can do that, especially nowadays. So again, I am very pleased to have another Christina’s album in my collection drawer.


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