Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cinemark Woodhill Movie 10

There are not many good theatres in Lexington, I have to say, but the Cinemark on Codell Drive is the best in town when it comes to prices and conditions. I have complained about the outrageous prices at Regal cinema, considering that the condition was no better than Cinemark. That’s why when watching movie premieres, I prefer to go to Cinemark. Although I am not a big fan of Twilight movie series, I actually enjoyed "Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part II" last night. Maybe it was because it was a continuous part from part I which I accidentally watched last year, or maybe it was because the imaginary fighting scene between powerful vampires were exciting. Defeating the Volturi was definitely the best part in the movie and the ending was sweet and satisfactory. I am not sure if there would be more coming out next year, but I really doubt that they can make any more exiting scenes than this, since decapitating Aro is not something that could normally happen.


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