Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cheng’s Chinese Restaurant

It’s always a sweet surprise that you could find a new good place to have dinner. Cheng’s Chinese Restaurant has been on my list for some time, but due to my "busy schedules", I never paid a visit to them. Last Wednesday, Ken and I finally made it to Cheng’s. I was expecting the Roasted Duck because it has a great review online, but it was sold out on that day. I guess that dish was indeed popular. So I ordered Chinese Eggplant. The name sounds very general, because there are dozens of ways to make eggplants. When it comes to eggplants, I am no stranger, especially that dish was the only dish I kept having throughout my college years plus my graduate school years. Eggplant dishes are always one of my favorite ones. The texture of the eggplant makes it easy to absorb the juice and oil as much as possible. The softness blends with rice perfectly in the mouth. No matter it’s simply steam eggplant, stir fried eggplant or any other types, I always have a special spot for eggplants in my heart. So Cheng’s didn’t disappoint me this time either. The eggplant was slowly cooked in a lidded pot with some grinded meat and sliced green peppers. It was a perfect dish on that day. Though it’s a small restaurant, the quality of the food definitely earned my loyalty to them.


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