Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Republic Wireless-Motorola Defy

As I have been using T-Mobile for a long time, I gradually found out that it’s been really absurd that I have to pay more than $60 each month for my cellphone bill, especially I barely use any data or talk minute. A lot of my friends are only paying no more than $50 each month. This issue has been bothering me for a while, but I just didn’t really get to sit down to solve the issue. Now that I was told by Ken that Republic Wireless actually provides this hybrid cellphone service for $20 a month, I terminated my contract with T-Mobile by paying $200 early termination fee and another month phone bill. Even after I paid $260 one time fee this time, I still save money in a long term by reducing my monthly fee to $20. The cellphone they provided is Motorola Defy, and it’s surprisingly light compared to my previous big bulky brick-like cellphone. The battery life is very impressive as well, because when I switch to battery saver mode, it can last more than one day for my normal use. That would be really hard to imagine for HTC MyTouch 4G slide which requires at least daily charge even without using. And the fact that Motorola Defy is water-resistant and dust resistant is another appealing feature that I really love. It somehow reminds me of my first cellphone-a Siemens water proof cellphone. The talk quality is much better as well compared to my old phone. The only thing I wish it could improve is the camera resolution. The images I took were all very blurry and bad quality. Still, for the sake of saving a couple of bucks each month, it is worthwhile to switch.

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