Sunday, September 16, 2012

Your Body-Christina Aguilera

So it’s been a while since Christina Aguilera released her last album and normally we have to wait for another 4 years for her new album. But it’s really exciting this time to know that she is releasing another album in November this year. I guess the fact that "Bionic" didn’t sell as good as her company expected did push her a little harder to make a new album, which is awesome for us. The new album is named as "Lotus", representing the rebirth after the hardship that she went through in the past 2 years. The new single which was premiered last Friday on radio will be performed by her on Monday "The Voice". Although the single was leaked online a couple of weeks ago, it’s still quite exciting to listen to the official version on the radio. As much as I love the new single, I kind of doubt that it might be the mega hit on "Billboard Hot 100". The song is very catchy and people normally can sing to it after listening to it once, but the meaning of the lyrics seems to be a little hollow to me. It probably resembles the first single from "Stripped", which wasn’t very successful, but I genuinely hope this time it could get better. The vocal ability that she showed in the single is undoubtedly stunning, which is why we fall in love with her in the first place. Her powerful voice was presented very well this time, although I thought she did a very good job in "Bionic" as well. Sometimes, it’s all about advertisement in the business, I guess. Most of people listen to what is popular, not what is great.


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