Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day, 2012

It is crystal clear to me that people watch fireworks on Labor Day. At least that was my first impression when I first came here when a whole bunch of newbies like me were invited to watch fireworks. I remember the little park on the slope of a hill was packed with people and I was really expecting an exciting spectacular show. Now when I look back, it felt odd with those stares from people and the fact that nobody would really scoot over for you when it was full of people. It turned out that the real fireworks were beside the river which is far from where we were and we could pretty much see the huge chunk of smoke spreading across the night sky very well. I guess first impression does matter and I really thought about the fireworks on each Labor Day, even though I don’t care if I go to see the fireworks or not. Thanks to the hurricane Isaac, Lexington was covered by the rainy cloud on the long Labor Day weekend. Nevertheless, it felt nice to chill at home and get lazy, eating only two meals a day and forgetting about time and space. Speaking of forgetting about space, I kind of feel bad about my rat, because he has been living on my desk since he was adopted and he probably doesn’t remember what sky looks like. He is growing big now, but he is still a little smaller than that female rat. I guess maybe I should take him out sometime.


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