Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I didn’t realized how many movie theatres there are in Lexington. From Regal Cinema to various dollar movie theatres, you can choose tickets from $2 to $12 with your student discount. Last time I went to Regal Cinema to watch Spiderman movie, and we ended up paying more than $20 each person plus I wasn’t very impressed by the condition in that theatre. So this time we decided to go to a cheap theatre in that same region. The ticket was $2, and with pop corn and drinks, it only cost us $6 per person. Of course, even though the carpet in the hall way wasn’t even clean and the screen wasn’t clear, it doesn’t feel bad at all to enjoy an action horror movie on a relaxing Monday night. Yeah, I mentioned it’s a horror movie, and I didn’t realize that until I was caught off guard by one nasty vampire full of sharp drooling teeth in his mouth. The movie is a little strange to me because one can never connect the 16th President of the US with a vampire hunter. The story line split in two as Lincoln’s two jobs, and it feels like the director wants to use some kind of metaphor to infer the vampires are the cancer to the country to start the war. I didn’t quite get it in the beginning, and I thought it was weird to relate the heroic president to the supernatural myth. But I guess maybe since it’s been such a long time, nobody really knows the exact detail of that time, just as the movie says in the end. Or this is just some kind of a joke for entertainment only without humor. The overall visual scheme is graphic and bloody and there are a lot of times you could see the details of how one vampire is killed. I guess with current computer technology, it wouldn’t be surprising or new to make such kind of an action film any more. I liked the movie, but I just thought it is a little odd.


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