Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jacob’s Big Chewy Bone

Jacob, the black Labrador, is the biggest dog amongst three and he is still a teenager as a dog, so he is always energetic and playful. And of course, it’s very important to train him at this stage of his life. He likes to chew stuff when we don’t pay attention to him and he can be really destructive. I remember one day, I left him in the car for 10 minutes, and he chewed up all my collected McDonald’s toys in the car. He also tears up Sheri’s bed in no time. Although he can really piss people off sometimes, he is really sweet and smart. Being very sick of the fact that he always chews up everything, we went to Kroger to get him the biggest bone that we could possible buy there. He loves it and it looks really funny how big the bone is compared with his body, which is pretty big already. I wouldn’t be surprised that he can eat that thing up in a week, but hopefully he could be a little calm afterwards.


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