Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Amazing Spider-man 3D

Being a huge fan of Spiderman movies, I knew I would watch this reboot of Spiderman movie, although it felt a little strange to know that the previous Spiderman movies were already awesome. I guess that was why I wasn’t quite excited to watch the movie premiere. So of course, with a higher expectation, I watched the new Spiderman movie last night at Regal Cinema, where everything was more expensive. The huge raspberry ice tea made me go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie, and I am still pissed at that. Anyhow, I was very focused on the movie and I have to admit the plot is more detailed as in how Peter Parker got bitten by the spider and where the spider came from. Also the emotional touch in the film was probably more emphasized than the original one, especially the relationship between Peter and Uncle Ben as well as Peter and Gwen. There were several moments when I did feel the tears in my eyes. However, I was disappointed that it was Gwen instead of Mary Jane. Being a 3D movie, the action scenes are certainly expected to be fantastic, if not perfect. But I wasn’t very impressed by that, as I could easily tell the trace of computer animations almost in all actions, which made the characters and actions unreal. I felt I was back in 2001 watching a movie at some point. Another thing I was disappointed is that Peter cannot shoot the web by his own power, so he makes the web shooting device himself instead. It’s probably more related with the original book as I was told, but I felt Spiderman’s superpower was deprived and he was very vulnerable. This new Spiderman is more human than before. Maybe some people like that, but I really cannot see the point since he is a superhero already, why not make him more powerful as a hero so we can admire and dream about? My bottom line is that there wasn’t any spectacular breakthrough in the reboot in terms of actions or plot and I cannot see the point of making it to some extent other than commercial success.


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