Friday, July 6, 2012

Coldstream Dog Park

The drought in Kentucky lately has turned all the grass into yellow and that’s definitely not the color of summer. It’s weird that it hasn’t rained for over a month as far as I can remember and the temperature is always record high lately. It is not fun to ride the bicycle to school every day, especially when I got up late. Anyway, as hot as it is, we still have to take the dogs to parks from time to time. The last dog park of the four dog parks in Lexington we went to was Coldstream Dog Park, which is located near I-75 in the north. Nobody would notice that dog park when driving to Lexington even though it is literally right beside the high way. The park is big and there are a few trees scattered on one side of the park. The dogs probably cannot tell the difference but I wasn’t really fond of this park because it’s quite noisy due to the fact that it’s close to high way. Also there is no water fountain in the park. But it’s a decent dog park in general. Like I mentioned in previous blogs, Lexington is very generous in building dog parks as they generally have large areas and well maintained grass thanks to the rich grass land of the horse capital.


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