Monday, July 2, 2012

Masterson Station Dog Park

There are several dog parks here in Lexington and we have only been to 3 so far. One of the differences of the dog parks here is that they are pretty big and I heard some of them were actually converted to dog parks from horse farms. Masterson Station Dog Park is located at the northwest part of the town and it’s probably the biggest dog park I have ever seen. It used to be a horse farm so it’s not surprising to see that fenced area bigger than a football field. It was very hot the day we went there with the record temperature of almost 40 degree Celsius. There was basically nobody in that huge 15-acre dog park and I know it’s hard to believe it on a Saturday evening. As much as I liked that park, the only complaint I had was it was too hot and dry lately and the grass were dying. Of course, that’s not the issue that only Masterson Station is suffering. Jacobson dog park had the same issue as well. The drought is getting serious in central Kentucky this summer and hopefully we could have more rain in the following days.


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