Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spicy Chicken Salad, Sichuan Style

So since I made the red pepper oil from the vegetable oil and crushed red pepper, it just inspired me to make so many cold dishes that my mom used to make for me at home. Last time I bought the dark soy sauce from the Asian market for the chicken salad, but it turned out to be a little bland. So I bought the light soy sauce for the salad this time.  This cold dish is one of those dishes that I can always have without getting tired of.


First, I boiled the chicken thighs with gingers and some salt till they got really soft. And of course, if you like chicken breast or legs, you can also do those. Then strip the meat from the bone.


While boiling the chicken, I chopped the garlic and cilantros, sliced the green onions and cooked some lettuce. The only reason I boiled the lettuce is because I didn’t want it to be too crunchy and I also wanted to kill the potential bacteria that might exist on the leaves. You don’t want to cook the lettuce long since the hot water can make the vegetable lose vitamins very fast.


Then mix the chicken with the vegetables. Add red pepper oil, one table spoon of sugar, some vinegar, light soy sauce and some black pepper. The smell of this cold dish made me drool already.


I like having the cold dish with the rice since I am a rice person. I totally enjoyed this spicy chicken cold dish and it’s really easy to make too!