Friday, May 4, 2012

Copper River Grill, Nicholasville

The city is not big and life here is supposed to be convenient since you basically can get everything you need on just one road-Nicholasville Road. However, that road is also notorious for its bad traffic unfortunately due to its overloaded traffic lights. This Copper River Grill is a southern cousin restaurant located in Nicholasville, around 10 miles from Lexington downtown. We went there because someone recommended it before. The dining environment was very nice and the service was good too. Our waiter was very cordial and even offered the cups for us to take away the water we ordered in the end. Although it’s famous for its southern cousin, we still ordered the most general food-pepperoni pizza and chips with jalapeño dipping cheese. The pizza was probably one of the best pizzas I have had in a restaurant and that jalapeño dipping cheese was nothing but spectacular. It has several chain stored in the southern states as well but I haven’t seen one in Ohio before.

We also went to Baskin-Robin’s Ice Scream where I had that blueberry sour ice cream which I swore I wouldn’t have any more.


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