Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Avengers 3D, 2012

Being a big fan of superheroes, I knew that I would have to watch this movie when I first saw the trailer months ago. It wasn’t long till May came. Although we were thinking about watching the premiere on May 4th, the tickets sold out quickly on Thursday night. So we decided to watch the movie 2 days later at Marvin’s theatre. I know there are still lots of stories behind the movie that I need to catch up, but I loved every minute of it in this more than 2 hours movie. It was full of humorous conversations and fantastic fighting scenes. One of the best parts was when Hulk kicked Loki’s ass on the top of the building. Iron man was much more powerful than I thought in this movie, and he is not only intelligent, but also strong. He basically saved the city in the end. Also Hulk was a very good character who gave us lots of fun scenes, and he is super powerful too! I probably sound silly to some diehard Marvel’s fans, but to me, this movie really opened the door for the future super heroes movies. No wonder it set the record for the biggest opening weekend in North America.


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