Friday, April 27, 2012

Something Wrong With the Labels on Blogger!

So in the past 3 hours, I have been editing the labels on my blog! It is not supposed to be so complicated but thanks to some kind of bugs on Bloggers, all the labels I previously had were messed up. I was so pissed off because the seemingly simple job just took me hours to finish. I just wanted to add one more label and edit the previous labels I had, however, all my posts got multiply labeled for some reason. So I had to go through more than 500 posts here to correct the wrong labels one by one. It was frustrating and disappointing. I guess at least my whole blog didn’t crash after all-I should be thankful? Anyway, there are always some kind of bugs here and there on Blogger and I tried very hard to avoid those bugs, and of course it’s always time consuming. I am not sure if these problems can be fixed or not since the bugs out there are always there.

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