Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Basically I didn’t have too many things to carry except some clothes and some small items like books. The reason why I moved was because the new place is more spacious with more freedom and also close to school. The roommates are cool as well and they cooked welcome dinner for the new roommates last night. I didn’t sleep until midnight since I had to put everything away in the room after I talked on the phone. It seems to me that the new start is just around the corner and the feeling is a little complicated and numb to some extent. What can I say? Let’s hope for the best. TA job was alright and it’s not as exciting as I thought since the students were not so engaged given the fact that they have homework and report to finish afterwards. Maybe that’s what engineering students are like because I remember we didn’t engaged that much in class before either as I thought the environment was not encouraging the lively atmosphere anyway. It’s a little disappointing especially when you were standing on the stage literally expecting the questions that students could bring up. It definitely felt a little lonely on the stage to lecture for a whole section. I still believe there is more to improve even though I thought I did better that my peers. The Halloween party was a little dull, so Ken and I left early without waiting till the end. We dressed up like two pirates and I thought he looked pretty cool in that Johnny Depp’s wig. IMAG0697

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