Monday, November 7, 2011

Restaurants Certificates For Weekend

So since I renewed my AAA membership, they mailed me this $50 restaurant certificate which I can use in different restaurants as coupons. I was very excited about that until I realized that there is always a minimum purchase requirement which basically asks you to pay almost the same price of the coupon value to get a meal. For example, if you redeem $25 restaurant certificate, you will have to purchase $35 or $45 at least in order to use the coupon, which means you still have to pay $10 or $20 for the meal without tax or tips. So normally, if you want to use a $25 coupon, you will have to pay $20 to $30 from your pocket. Of course, I didn’t do the math and I wanted to try the certificates even though it’s another shrewd way of the commercial. Another thing about this certificate is that all those restaurants are kind of in the middle of nowhere in town where there are barely any customers. If it wasn’t the certificate, nobody would’ve known those restaurants in a millions of years. So quite frankly speaking, it’s a good way to advertise your restaurant this way. Ken and I went to a Mexican restaurant and an Italian restaurant on the weekend. The service in Mi Familia was just ok since the waitress didn’t give any attitude except being slow and absent minded, but that didn’t bother us given the fact that the steak I ordered was very tasty.


Whereas at Rusty’s Ristorante, the old waitress were kind of rude to us with her strong southern accent. Or maybe that’s the way she is, but whatever the reason, I am sure not many customers would like that. The place was somewhat empty with two tables of older people and the only younger people there were using a coupon like us. I guess since the place is little known and with bad service reviews online, anybody would just stay away from it. The lasagna I ordered was just alright and it was no better than the lasagna I had in Pizzahut to be honest. When I asked the waitress about the dessert with nuts, she said they don’t have desserts with nuts or walnuts, and yet she brought me this tray of desserts with a carrot cake covered with walnuts. So I ordered that carrot cake, and I guess she was either too dumb or too old to even recognize the walnuts. Ken and I didn’t like that restaurant even though we had lots of food eventually.


I was content that we got to taste the two restaurants on the weekend and I am sure there will be more to come.

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