Friday, September 16, 2011

One Thursday Night

Summer is gone and it seems all the big movies are not in the theatre any more. I am glad that I watched all the movies I wanted to watch, like "The Smurfs", "Transformers" and so on. Thursday is supposed to be a good night for movies at AMC since it has student discounts, but I have always been there on the weekends when it was crowded with higher prices. Anyways, after I thought I would give a break to my movie nights, I decided to go back again to watch "Contagion". The movie was well received on "Flexster" and I have been always curious about those disastrous movies. The movie started very sudden and it brought my attention to a state where it was very intense. But the tension decreases as the plot is going towards its ending which, to my surprise, is a little too ideal and unreal as it wouldn’t be so easy to confirm the cause of a certain fatal contagious diseases. It is not a bad movie I would say, but it’s not a movie that we could remember for a long time either. The early half of the movie was definitely better than the latter part since it was unpredictable and scary in the beginning. There were a lot going on in the movie, and I guess I couldn’t catch them all when watching it for the first time. It’s like a movie that you need to watch again to grasp all the meanings that it tries to convey, but with its grim tones throughout the movie, it wouldn’t be fun to watch it again for normal people.


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