Monday, September 19, 2011

Kings Island 2

As a big fan of roller coaters, I found I didn’t really have much chance of going to Kings Island so far, and I guess maybe being busy with work and my daily life really made me never think about it after all. This time, my friend offered me a free ticket to Kings Island thanks to P&G Day. Instead of getting so intense and nervous on each ride, I tended to be much more relaxed, enjoying each ride with the changes of accelerations. Of course, "Diamond Back" and "Drop Zone" still gave me the panic attacks, but I guess that was just part of the joy of being there. The park was kind of empty in my opinion, and I guess maybe P&G employees were not quite interested in roller coasters after they got a whole bag of free products since for 12 years, what hasn’t been changed is only the park. But that was just great to us because we were there for the rides. I basically took all the rides all over again. It was a great day outdoors and I even got a little sunburn on my nose eventually. At the end of day, everybody had a blast.

IMAG0228 IMAG0232

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