Friday, September 23, 2011

Blogger Posting Interface

I know this is not new any more since Blogger has updated its interface for a long time, but because I have been using Windows Live Writer for my blog, I barely gave any chance to this new feature-my bad. So after my test posts, I realized the new interface is pretty neat and it's much more simpler than before with functions that are very relevant. The only concern, though, is that I still need to manually backup my blog from time to time, whereas Windows Live Writer is basically offline editor which can save the posts automatically. But I guess it's not a big issue as the posts saved by WLW cannot be combined together to upload to a certain blog service anyway. Considering that, I guess maybe I could give this new feature more chance to update my blog. What I like most about this new interface is that pictures can be put to the places where I want and it is still aligned very well. Now blogging here makes me feel it's getting more and more professional. Good job! My constructive advice would be that it would be really great to be able to edit the photos with watermarks.

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