Monday, September 26, 2011

Something Healthier

Being away from home for 2 years makes me feel like some tastes of home from time to time and I have been posting all different kinds of Chinese authentic food in my social network, hoping that one day I could be able to enjoy that without being worried about anything. I went to the Asian Market to get ribs and radish on Saturday and I thought I could make some traditional stewed ribs. Also I went to "Trader’s World " on Sunday to explore. It’s a local flea market like garage sales, but it’s a lot bigger with a parking fee. I thought this kind of market could only be found in China but I was wrong. It was interesting to see different things eventually. I didn’t buy anything from there, simply because I never thought what I needed. It’s not difficult to get back there anyway.

IMAG0296 IMAG0303

Another thing I thought worth mentioning here is that I decide to change my daily diet after I watched a documentary program about American processed fast food. It’s amazing how our body can change based on what kind of food we eat every day. Especially after I gained 5 pounds in the past few months, I guess it would be nice to try that new whole plant based diet for a change. It’s something healthier.

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