Sunday, August 21, 2011

Western & Southern Cincinnati Open

I was expecting my first Cincinnati Open for sometime but I was surprised to realize my friend who asked me to book the tickets stood me up in the last minute yesterday. For whatever reason I had to change my plan completely and I was worried that nobody would go with me in such short period of time of informing. Luckily Andrea was willing to go with me eventually. We arrived just on time this morning after we parked in the free parking lot.



The games were interrupted by the dramatic weather change and we were either sweaty hot or soaking wet in the stadium. And of course, the biggest disappointment was that Djokovic quit the game after Murray was leading in the second set. Maybe Djokovic was just trying to save some energy for the coming US Open. So we went out of the stadium to watch Women’s Doubles without seeing the winner ceremony. We came back later to see the Women’s Single and on the contrary, Women’s Single was well played between Sharopova and Jankovic and Sharopove won the game in the end as many expected.


For some reason, the rain kind of made the games interesting and we had to run out of the stadium to see each other get soaking wet and silly. As we expected, the food and drinks were ridiculously expensive but we still have to spend our money on that since drinks were not allowed to be taken in and for 7 hours matches, we surely got hungry. Oh well, at least we enjoyed the matches and the whole Sunday afternoon was well spent.

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