Tuesday, August 30, 2011

HTC MyTouch 4G Slide

I am a big message texting person compared with my friends and my previous Nokia E63 was just too slow to send messages. I thought I could have held on for a little longer before I got into those data plan black holes, but after I switched to the individual plan a couple days ago, I decided to get the smartphone with my current plan without changing my number and carrier. Although T-Mobile is notorious for its customer service in its retail stores, I still went there for this HTC MyTouch 4G Slide since I wanted to get it as soon as possible yesterday. The thing is I don’t know how they can keep their customers when all those salespersons in the store are very impatient and judgmental. Maybe that’s why it cannot catch up with other three major carriers in terms of number of users. Anyway, like I said, the sole reason for me to keep using T-Mobile was because I didn’t want to change my current number. Basically I went to store to store to get this phone I wanted. I couldn’t get it how come the system that didn’t work in one store could work perfectly fine in another store and the salesperson just didn’t do anything to solve the problem and kept on telling me to come back later or go to another store. There is one retail store that is quite close to my campus but those people in there were even worse and very unprofessional based on our previous experience, so that was why I drove all the way to Kenwood, hoping to have a better customer service. But once again, it turned out to be a disappointment when I realized my cellphone couldn’t recognize the SD card last night, let alone I was asked to walk from the Kenwood Mall across the street to buy the phone in another store. The service was cold, indifferent, irresponsible and impatient, and I hope it was not the prejudice against my race. But I guess maybe T-Mobile should treat their employees better or train them well to have smiley faces in front of customers. Anyway, so I got my cellphone changed this morning and sent out the rebate form, and I am starting to get used to this Android phone.

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