Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th Weekend in DC

The thing about me is that as much as I love traveling, I never had the initiative to plan anything when it comes to traveling. And of course, nobody can understand myself better than I do, so I shouldn’t have any complaints when it ends. One good thing about traveling with experienced people is that you don’t have to worry about too many things or even think about anything other than chit chat. We simply rented a car on Friday afternoon and had a nice Chinese dinner at Columbus before we reached Pittsburgh where we stayed a night. The next morning after a relaxing brunch at Dor-Stop, we headed to Washington DC. Although there was an American daddy jumped out of his car yelling at me very angrily and I even called the cops on our way, I was calm and collected, and handled it pretty professionally.


The first excitement faded away when we realized the weather was really humid and hot on both Saturday and Sunday. There were construction sites everywhere in DC, even the Reflecting Pool was dried. But that didn’t stop me from walking alone when I got all sweaty and tired before I reached Lincoln Memorial. I sat on the step of Lincoln Memorial among many others till my shirt dried out and it was pretty nice to check out people.


I am glad that I got the chance to get out of town for a while and I enjoyed every moment of it even if it wasn’t perfect. It would have been better if we could stay there till Tuesday because the fireworks show should be great there on Monday night, and this time of the year is not the best time to visit Washington DC. But getting out of town itself is kind of monumentally important to myself already this time.


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