Thursday, July 7, 2011

Transformers 3

I still remember the first time I watched “Transformers” when I was in Shanghai. I was so excited and my friend and I went to a downtown theatre to watch the movie premiere one afternoon. It was quite exciting and ever since then I became one the fans of the transformers movies. Although before watching this one, I read some negative reviews, it couldn’t stop me anyway. After a Korean BBQ dinner in a suburban area in Washington D.C., I decided to watch this movie by myself since I was tired to convince my friends to go with me-it’s one of my favorite movies after all. Even when I got to AMC just on time, the tickets were sold out, to my surprise and I, of course, didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen when I am in the USA. So I bought the 9:50pm ticket despite of the fact that I knew it was an almost 3-hour movie and that I had to get up early to drive back to Cincinnati. As expected, there were lots of exciting fighting scenes and I was still amazed each time Optimus Prime showed up. There were some funny parts in the movie, but it was not quite natural or quite suitable in my opinion. The whole story wasn’t refreshing since it’s not the part that attracts people, but the actions between Optimus Prime, Megatron and Sentinel Prime were well made and it kept me awake when I felt sleepy in the last couple of minutes. I am not sure there would be “Transformers 4” or not since Shia said he is done with it, but no matter what “Transformers” will always be the classic stories among us.

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