Sunday, June 19, 2011

Steamed Red Chili Fish

A new Asian market was opened lately and it sells live fish and blue crabs. I was trying to get there yesterday but I was lost with my GPS, shamefully. So today, I remembered the road and got there to get the fish. To make the fresh fish dish, I have to cook the fish within an hour after it’s killed. So I managed to do that and I put red chili peppers and lots of ginger, green onions and garlic on it. I felt that I always put too much seasoning whenever I cook and that kills the original flavor in a serious way. So I tended to hold back a little this time. It turned out quite well with my home grown basil leaves.

photo (3)

It wasn’t a small fish but I finished it without any problem; and dogs even stole the fish bones when I was cleaning the wok in the kitchen. It was well made, bravo!

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