Friday, May 20, 2011


Several days ago, Blogger experienced a system problem and according to the Blogger Status, some posts were removed and restored later. I thought I could be the last one to be affected by that but I was caught off guard today that my labels index was not correct. I tried to restore it and I freaked out a little because it might mean that I have to reset my blog again like I did before. It's not like there is no remedy I know, but resetting the whole blog is tedious and time consuming, and it's no fun, trust me. Thank goodness, I realized since I only posted one blog on 12th May 2011 when the system was down, I only needed to change the label of that particular post. So now it's alright but it was kind of scary that sometimes the most trust worthy Blogger can be so problematic. Let's hope this won't happen again.

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