Monday, May 23, 2011

The Movie You HAVE To Watch!

bridesmaids poster

Andrea and I went to watch this movie last Friday night at AMC because once I knew Kristen Wiig was in the movie, I just couldn’t wait to watch it. And it proved to me that once again, Kristen Wiig didn’t disappoint me at all. From her Saturday Night Live show to other supporting roles in multiple movies that I know, I have been a big fan of Kristen Wigg who is so naturally talented at making people laugh. My stomach literally hurt because I laughed so much in the theatre while watching this movie and I couldn’t even care if it was embarrassing or not to laugh out loud in public because I just couldn’t stop it. And I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the movie there. The most funny part was when Lillian(Maya) has to poop on the street wearing that fancy wedding dress because of food poisoning and other bridesmaids throw up or even poop on the sink in the bathroom. It was gross but I was still laughing when I went to sleep that night. It’s said this movie was like a female version of Hangover and I do highly recommend it to my friends who would like some laughter in this wet early summer.