Friday, March 18, 2011


Spring is coming, but whether it could be a break for me is a big question mark here. It was Saint Patrick’s Day yesterday and it basically meant the big drinking celebration before the spring break for those undergraduate kids. How nice it is for them! I left the lab pretty late today thinking I might be the only person who were there, but to my surprise, I saw several professors still working in their offices as usual. Maybe for science and engineering, there is no normal breaks as long as they have the interest. Oh well, no wonder it’s said engineering is difficult. If that’s the consolation to make myself feel any better, then I have no complaints because it’s a smart job to be an engineer.


My new iPod Touch works beautifully for me and the only concern here is its battery life is not long enough for my daily use. Well, maybe after a while when I am not so excited each time I touch it, the battery life could be longer since reading anything more than 100 words on that screen is the pain in the neck still and my eyes hurt after a short time. Again, I am not a big fan of touch screens even though Apple has made the touch screen really smart and amazing. I need to feel something when I don’t need to look at it like the key board or function buttons, but for iPod Touch, every time I wanted to skip a song, I had to take it out to look at the screen-it needs my attention all the time! That’s why I sold my first Motorola touch screen cellphone 2 years ago and that’s why iPhone never intrigued me. But the reason why I bought iPod Touch is just because of its wi-fi function which means free internet without my laptop. As I figured out before, basically wherever I go nowadays, there is the wi-fi network, so I don’t need that 3G to check my emails. And it saves me a lot of money of course. The fact that I hate texting on the touch screen ensures that my Nokia full key board cellphone is still irreplaceable at least not by iPhones.

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