Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Papadeaux II

I admit the crawfish from Papadeaux was good last time but never did I plan to have it again since it’s not health as I have mentioned before. After playing badminton today, friends and I went to Papadeaux again because I was persuaded to go with them. Speaking of badminton, I guess the last time I played was 2 years ago when I was in Shanghai. I miss those days when my friends and I played badminton for hours on the court on campus. This time we didn’t play that long because the courts were kind of full of students who wanted to play and we let a couple of Indian students play before we left for Papadeaux. I need more exercise for sure since I felt my legs are sore afterwards already.One simple sign of getting older.


The oyster was good at Papadeaux but the crawfish was quite plain and dull this time because I assume that the seasoning has been used many time without being changed. I highly doubt there would be next time for me not only because I am a little against eating crawfish, but because crawfish won’t be available in 2 or 3 weeks there. By the way the crab finger rice was really great and I was quite impressed.

So tomorrow I am going to make some Teriyaki grilled chicken legs with mushrooms and brown rice. After I came home from that big thunder storm just now, I have already put the chicken legs in the Teriyaki sauce with some peppers and ginegrs. Let’s how they taste like after the oven in 24 hours.

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