Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Black Hole

It’s true that IPad or IPod Touch is representing the latest technology in the world right now and the products themselves are truly fancy. After my research for a while, I first thought I needed a Kindle, but then I nailed down to IPod Touch. I didn’t think about IPad because it’s a little bit too fancy for me. So I have been struggling for a while to decide whether I should get one to make my life “easier”. It’s hard to be an independent student because with the limited resources you just wish everything could be free. Friends and I went to an Apple store to experience the newly announced IPad 2 and IPod Touch 4 gen. I wasn’t really impressed mainly because all the news and ads are all about IPad 2 and I pretty much know what it can do and what it cannot do. But still, I wanted one badly. Aside from that irrational eager, I thought maybe I really need one since it would be so much more convenient to check my mails and read the news without bringing my big laptop with me. And basically checking mails and reading news are pretty much what I do most online. I know this wasn’t thoroughly considered for my part, but after I stayed up late a little bit last night, I jumped out of the chair and ran to Meijer to get my IPod Touch in the middle of the night.  I convinced myself not to regret it no matter what and then I got all excited until I realized in order to play the games or add more apps, I have to register an ITunes ID which requires my credit card information. It’s kind of expected but it’s still disappointing and ridiculous that it asks too much of my personal information. So I decided not to use the games or add more apps, but it’s funny that I realized I basically can only use the wi-fi and music functions-I cannot even watch a movie on my IPod Touch! Maybe people who buy Apple products are willing to share their bank account information with Apple and they are willing to be sucked by this big black hole. But for a new user like me, I just don’t like it. I guess after a while when I get bored with those limited functions, I might have to input my credit card information to register and who knows if I would accidentally buy some useless apps or anything from its App Store. Well, maybe since I am willing to get raped, I might as well enjoy it like there’s no tomorrow.

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