Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mapo Tofu


There are all kinds of seasoning selling at the local Chinese Asian Market, and whatever people cook in China, we can pretty much buy it from there. As a big fan of Sichuan cuisine, Mapo Tofu is always one of my favorite dishes. Though not so professional, I have done this many times since I came here to the States. The funny thing is as time goes by, I begin to cook everything in a really bowl that can last several days for me. The reasons are realistic since I am busy with school and I am lazy sometimes, and the big bowl can really serve well at this point. The only thing is it’s boring to have the same food for both lunch and dinner, so I tend to avoid that. I cooked Mapo Tofu last night using the seasoning I got from CAM, and I put both onions and mushrooms in the pot, both of which are my favorite vegetables. It didn’t taste like Mapo Tofu at all, but it was still yummy. I used to ask my roommates to help me prepare the dishes when I was busy, but never was I satisfied with the tastes-it was either too salty or too sour for me. So I cook for myself and I am always satisfied-I know myself better. As life starts to find its own rhythm here, I guess new habits are starting to form. Let’s hope it’s healthy.