Friday, February 18, 2011

Chilling Friday Night

Technically, it’s not that chilling tonight, but considering I came home “early” today, I finally get to update my blog here. Nothing major happened lately, except that my puffer fish died last night because I had been feeding him too many dead shrimps-my bad. The tank has to be cleaned before I get other fish this time-lesson learned. I thought my Atlanta trip was this weekend, but I was wrong. It’s good that it’s not this weekend because I could barely have time to do any research on this trip. Frankly speaking, I am not quite excited about this trip simply because it’s not a leisure trip-it’s a training! So thinking that I have to study on the weekend, it’s not that much fun. But I guess studying at another place should be different and new. The last time I was on a business trip was back in 2008 when I went to Xiamen alone. That was quite a good time to be well remembered. So we shall see this time.

Now that all of my friends have sort of stopped writing blogs, I do feel a little lonely here striving all alone on Blogger. I haven’t thought about stopping, but I began to doubt the meaning of blogging which is just exposing my personal life here. So maybe the theme needs to be changed if it needs any kind of change eventually. I don’t know yet.

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