Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Blogger

Yes, I have decided to come to Blogger even though it's blocked in China. I have the weird faith that one day it will be ok and everything will be ok. Blogger is better than WordPress in so many ways and even though it's basically the same as Windows Live Spaces. What can I say? R.I.P, Windows Live Spaces. Sometimes good things won't last unfortunately.

It was rainy today and it was quite nice, because I do love this gloomy wet weather and it just reminds me of Chengdu in many ways. Compared with last year, it's a little colder at this time of the year, but it's good, because I am tired of this summer already and I just hope to end it sooner. I went to Ault Park today with my friends and I took some pictures, but due to the weather pictures didn't come out as good as I thought. As I got things going on on mind, I feel that I couldn't really loosen up to embrace the chilly fall. Maybe next time or maybe next year.

 The house warming party last weekend was nice and we got to sit down on the balcony to enjoy the home-made dishes. Now I only wish weather won't get too cold so we can enjoy the outdoors more. :)

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