Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Sometimes things just happen without any warning and once it happens, it always catches me off guard. Yes, I know some people have said that Windows Live Spaces might be removed, but I didn’t really take it seriously since it’s going to be huge if so. The news in the morning just shocked me as I found WLS is going to be migrated to WordPress, the blogging service that is blocked in China. WLS will not be shut down immediately, but everything will be removed in 2011. So even though I have several months left before I find my new place, I couldn’t wait to move my 5-year blogs to WordPress today. Honestly, WordPress is better for blogging, but the fact that it’s constantly not available in China really gets on my nerves, and that was the reason I was sticking to WLS for so many years. Now I guess I have no choice other than starting my new blogging era here. It’s a nicer place anyways, giving more smooth blogging experience. So after spending hours selecting and designing my new blog today, I finally got to sit down to write something here. Along with my apartment moving on the weekend, I guess I am really having a new start on so many levels this week.



Again, since WordPress is blocked in China, I guess my English blog will not be viewed there normally. Maybe my Chinese blog should be put on a famous local blogging service site. Or maybe I will just focus on my English blog. I have no doubt that this blog will thrive again like it did before. Way to go!

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