Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Dawn Of A New Quarter

So after all those bumps in summer as I mentioned in my previous blogs, for the first time in a long time, I can embrace a new stage in the following days. With so many things changed no mater planned or unplanned, I conceive of them as something good because I need to get over the things that belong to the past to move on with my life. There are still unsolved issues, but I have faith in myself still. In stead of whining how hard life could be, I might as well forget about all those worries and grief for a moment. Compared with other things, I know that moving is not a big thing any more although moving all the stuff only with my roommate was really tiring. My whole body was sore yesterday after that big exercise on Sunday. I drove that big U-Haul truck to get everything arranged with my roommate, and I realized after I get out of that third floor, life should be much easier later on given the assumption that all the current issues are neglected. I am still excited about our first floor in the house which has a bigger kitchen and a nice big balcony where we could have BBQ with friends, and of course there are still many things that need to be done as the house itself is about 100 years old. From the tiny things as furniture installation to car purchase and moving, I found living in the USA basically equals ‘Do It Yourself’. It is hard sometimes, but the brighter side of it is I did learn a lot of things. The basic living skills are increasing faster than I thought and I am surely satisfied with that. Maybe after all these things, I am just becoming more mature. So basically, the new place is all set, and what I need probably is just a Saturday house warming party which I am both hesitating and excited.


Another nice thing is that I was informed by Chase that my credit score was excellent so my application for Freedom was approved right after my call. Yes, with this card, I can get ‘cash back’ every where! Of course, it’s not something I should brag about, especially when my current Discover card works perfectly fine, but Visa is always different and it is much widely accepted than Discover. As the fall has come and winter is just around the corner, I guess I need to be like one of those squirrels who have started working for the cold season to get ready for whatever challenges that are ahead.

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