Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crazy Ride


After I got my car fixed today, I felt like a little free drive again. Knowing that my car is still in an ok condition, it kind of released me. Of course, it would release anybody who was in my situation when I had to call AAA this morning. Hopefully, like George said, it’s no big deal. Anyway, after grocery shopping last night, Yi and I drove pretty far along 50 to the east, and today I drove towards west on the river road all by myself till I reached the end and I came back to I275 and drove along the river back home. It was a little crazy for me, because I didn’t have anything to do other than drive along the river and see things. I guess my excuse for that was that I needed some break from study. Oh, well. I got quite sleepy in the end on the road as keeping a speed of 50mph without any turns or brakes was boring and tiring, and I could totally understand why we should be very careful while driving and it’s absolutely no good to drive with fatigue.


It’s true that for a newbie like me, American standard sceneries are very attractive to me at this moment-everything is neat, clean and well organized. It’s quite different from China, and I am always amazed by that. 


This road picture is always my favorite because it’s dynamic with motion in it and the winding road with yellow line on it just presents hope and something we could look forward to in this forest where the color combination of the trees are just enough in autumn. I wished I could stop on the road constantly.

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