Sunday, October 24, 2010

Super Easy Way of Making Stir Fried Squid

As much as I love seafood, I found it’s really time consuming and tiring to prepare seafood dishes. But that doesn’t stop me making this stir fried squid today-it’s fast, easy and tasty. Here is how I made it:


It’s easy to get this spicy garlic sauce from any Asian market, and it can be used widely in many dishes.


I cut the squid in different shapes, although I tried to make them more even. After that, put some spicy garlic sauce on it and leave the squid in the bowl with the sauce for one hour or two.


I came back to the kitchen and cut the gingers on the chopping board.


Then I put the vegetable oil in the wok with the ginger to get them preheated.


Meanwhile, I cut the broccoli.


We are going to need this pea flour added into the wok to make the soup thicker in the end.


Alright, after 1 or 2 minutes, the oil starts to boil with the ginger, and we should put the squid into the wok.


There you go. Stir for a while till the squid is half ready and then we put in the chopped broccoli. Cover the wok and let the soup boil for several minutes and then add some water with pea flour. Wait for several minutes and it’s ready!


Yum yum~~I had the stir fried squid with some steamed rice. The only thing was, though, I should have bought two squids.

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