Friday, August 27, 2010

Where Is My Summer?

I guess human beings are strange, because they only cherish things that they don’t posses. I know there are exceptions, but it applies to most cases. It won’t be long before summer comes to an end and new quarter will start very soon. I haven’t been to Recreation Center to swim like I told myself to even though I paid my membership fee; I guess at this moment, I cannot afford that much time to live such kind of a life. It seems to me that I don’t really remember when I had a full summer when I can sleep till noon. Maybe it’s a good sign that I don’t have to be so bored at home, but this summer is my busiest summer ever. I wished I could have some time off to do whatever I like before summer, and I thought I could have that until now when my summer in 2010 is almost over. I am glad that I got the chance to travel to Chicago though, because at least I went to the place I have never been to. But mostly, like my summer in 2008, I didn’t really have time off at all, and the only difference is it was way much busier this time. I really miss the time when I was still in undergraduate school, and I didn’t have to worry about internship, money or work, although it was seemingly as fast as always. I do hope that after all these days, I could learn things to build up the foundation leading to my goal. At the end of the summer, I finally see the dawn and there could be something I can look forward to like my previous summer when I was satisfied with everything in many levels, and I hope it’s not another mirage again.

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