Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where Is My Summer? Part II

So when I thought my summer was gone, and when I got ready to embrace all the challenges that were thrown upon me, I realized maybe it’s a little early to say so. Not all the things can be bad after all. Yes, as long as I hold on to it, things will change and they will not always be so bad. And of course, I really learned a lot and I found myself have changed as well. I admit it wasn’t always easy but I didn’t shed tears as much as I thought I would have, and I have grown to the point where I believe I am much stronger than ever. I also learned who my true friends are and who I can trust. Those who betrayed me or abandoned me when I had a difficult time are never my friends, nor would I ever need them. I do have my friends but now I am clearer about my criteria. I cannot say that I didn’t do much this summer, on the contrary, there were just so many things that happened that they almost choked me. I am glad I see the dawn in front. I guess maybe the only reward I got for this summer was the fact that I passed the driver test for the first time and I could almost feel freedom now. I could do as much as I could to help my friends to pass the test, because I have been there and I know it was hard to struggle for that. I would also help Mrs. Li with her English because I know how hard it is to live so far away from her son who is still in hospital in Taiwan. For each tear I could possibly shed, I would save them to keep myself strong and brave. It’s hard, but together we will pull through. I am independent and I am a survivor.

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